On Line Dreamcatcher Running Skylark 5.8

A quick update on my port-forwarded Dreamcatcher running Skylark 5.8 on SES-2 (North America). My IP address has changed to


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@kenbarbi have you heard or thought of using a dynamic DNS service there are many free ones like https://www.duckdns.org/ then you wouldn’t be having to keep track of the IP address as it changes it would just update it for you that’s how i handle all the things that i host from my house since i have a dynamic IP also…

Hey, Tyler, thanks. I’ve tried several of these services in the past, but they either charged too much or became unstable.

Yes - - I don’t have a fixed IP address (Comcast charges a bundle for that), but if I don’t shut down my router often (it’s on an UPS) - - I’ve been able to keep an IP for a long time.

But, I’m going to look into your suggestion. Thanks, Ken

Hey again, Tyler. It worked very well. Thanks - - I’m at http://kenothernet.duckdns.org/ now too. Ken

Thanks for the port-forwarded device! I’m looking at ordering a receiver, and this is a great chance to test drive it.