Only 2 Mb/day data limit?

I am thrilled to read about such an awesome altruistic project!

My main question is the data limit. I will admit I skimmed some sections. I understand that the plan down the road is to have the Lantern receive 100 Mb/day. However I am concerned that 2 Mb/day at launch will not be enough to accomplish the goals outlined. Did I miss something? How is it practical to wait weeks or months to download a worthy video to maybe learn how to do something. Sure you can download some text files, but that’s not what is being promised. It goes without saying that videos and programs will be much larger than daily, weekly or monthly limits. This is the only reason I would not buy one. What would be the planned speeds available with addition antennas? I know at the end you mention the possibility of a plan the have up to 25 Mbps which is a whole other story. However, this is the only place you mention a potential speed of greater than 100 Mb/day, and frankly is a bit confusing. Or is this talking about the wifi device download speed? Under the FAQ’s ‘What is the bandwidth used for up and downloads?’

My other point is more of a concern. You claim this would be uncensored, but clearly it will be censored by you guys (or the likely biased sub-community) who decide what content will be uploaded. I do give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you are capable of providing great content. But I feel the claim of ‘uncensored’, is a bit of an exaggeration. Although I am still in full support of this great and well thought out campaign, don’t get me wrong! I just feel the need to point this out.

Hope this project will succeed. Cheers!

This is all highly dependent on the level of funding we are able to secure, which dictates the kind of assets we’ll be able to use/launch. You can also receive using a sat dish and LNB. We also have instructions for building your own receiver:

The reason content is currently hand-picked by us is strictly for technical reasons. The broadcast system is a bit manual and we can’t just hand out keys to everyone on the planet. How I believe it should all work is close to what someone in this forum called ‘anarchy’ where community alone would decide without our intervention (except, perhaps, in case of legal issues like copyright infringement).

At any rate, your direct involvement in the process is the way to go. You can start here by discussing the whole process: