ORx on Raspberry Pi 3

I was just searching and found that the RASPBERRY PI 3 MODEL B computer was just released last month. Has the outernet staff had a chance to test it with your current software package.

We haven’t had a chance to check it out. As with Pi 2, I expect that support for Pi 3 will come much later, though.

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what problems you encountered with the outernet software ability to run/function correctly when the outernet staff initially attempted to run the software on a new model of the raspberry pi computer edition.

Was it able to mostly run correctly or did it require a major rewrite of the outernet software to make the software run correctly.

I understand that the outernet staff will not be able to provide support at this time if the software dosen’t function correctly on the raspberry pi 3b but I would prefer to purchase the latest edition of the raspberry computer if in your considered opinion the outernet software will be able to run on the pi3b.

Their website says it is backwards compatible to all of the previous editions. I can afford a 35 dollar mistake in the case it doesn’t if you think the chance is reasonable but will purchase the raspberry pi2b if you expect the outernet software will not be able to run.


So thing is, I have no way of obtaining the Pi3 right now. It’s anyone’s guess whether the Pi2 image would run unmodified or not. If I’m not mistaken, it uses a different SoC, so there’s a good change Pi2 image will not run. Having said that, our builds are open-source, so there’s nothing stopping you from trying to modify the build. It would probably require an updated kernel from RPi foundation, and selecting the correct SoC in the kernel configuration.

Thanks for getting back with me. I don’t have the skills to do the modifications to mentioned go I will have to go with the p2.


Right now it appears that support for Pi3 is going to be pushed back at least until the end of the summer, but our next project has something to do with Pi3, and I expect the things we learn about this platform will make up for the delay.

Where is the Pi3-image? I can’t find the link anymore.

It’s not quite ready yet, so it has been pulled.

hi , how are you guys :smile:
i buy last week pi3-b but how much i trying no image work on it and I’m see this conversation so i now whats happen :confounded:
I’m only now windows so … :laughing:
Because of this if possible please do programing for pi3 , i now how much this is hard work but please do it sooner for us
and in last i want now technisat skystar usb DVB-S2(i buy it 3 year ago) work for outernet or not ?
thank you very very much

It’s not set in stone yet, but Pi3 is currently our target for the Lantern device. DVB-S support for Pi3 is not going to be available when Lantern is released, though, but we will make it available shortly afterwards. It will probably be limited to a specific tuner, however, so don’t get your hopes up.

As for the Technisat USB DVB-S2, I’m not sure as I don’t have one on me to test. I think someone mentioned it in the forum so please do a search.

And since we’re talking about future support targets, this is our final decision:

ORxPi/Pi2 work well enough as they are, so we will not do any further development on them except for an ONDD patch, and possibly adding support for L-band. The user interface will remain at 3.x and will only be patched as needed if there are serious bugs. The same applies to Lighthouse firmware.

Lantern L-band (and possibly Lantern Ku) will be on a newer firmware. This platform can be ported to Pi2 with not much effort, so if time allows, we may do that. But that’s only if we don’t decide to swap the board in the last minute, which is still tbd.


Another thing to note is, our code is mostly open-source. The work-in-progress Lantern build is already available online, and it already boots on Pi3. With enough patience and research, you can modify the Pi2 build with Pi3-specific changes from the Lantern build and make it boot on Pi3.


Just a small update for folks that run into this looking for images of anything running on Pi3.

Pi3 is officially NOT supported on any receiver, whether DIY or otherwise. Lantern firmware 1.0 is done, and Pi3 support was left out due to time constraints. (Although it does appear in the documentation, those are just left-overs from our previous work.) For the 2.0, we plan to release a Pi3, but that’s not set in stone, and it may delayed again.

All the work we’ve done on Pi3 is released in the pi3 branch of the Lantern firmware so you are welcome to experiment with it. You may also attempt to port the Pi3 build of the firmware to ORxPi. Either way, there’s still some work to be done before you can get the software on Pi3.