ORx86 - Intel/AMD desktop Linux version of ORx

I’m very excited to announce the first alpha release of ORx86, ORx receiver for Intel/AMD. As usual, this is meant for DIY-ers with intermediate/advance knowledge of their Linux box. You’ll also need a dish and a tuner (any tuner supported by your distro should do, including the tuners you may have already used in your Raspberry Pi builds).

Grab the tarball here. It contains a RADME.txt with instructions.

Currently, systems with systemd, upstart, apt suite or pacman are supported by the automatic install process. This includes Debian, Ubuntu and its flavors, and Arch Linux and its derivatives. This is all experimental, so it’s not been thoroughly tested. If you want to add support for your favorite distro, talk to us, or just clone the Git repo here and submit a pull request.

Let me know if you need more information to get started. Also refer to this thread for some tips regarding your (potential) tuner(s).

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