ORxPi v0.2.9 Testing

I have just installed the latest ORXPi V2.9 for my Raspberry PI 2, using Hotbird 13E, and a very old DVB-S tuner USB unit SR2045U (B2C2) from International datacasting , it works and I start receiving data , for the last three days I received some APPS as well so I can see all the tweets , however I have almost 2000 items now in the library , but when I click on any title in the library I get 404 , so I can see library titles but I do not see the contents , I could listen to all MP3 contents.

I am providing some extract from application logs if they are helpful

[2015-11-25 03:46:46 (+0000)] DEBUG ONDD: sending payload: �
[2015-11-25 03:46:46 (+0000)] DEBUG No captive portal match for
[2015-11-25 03:46:43 (+0000)] DEBUG ONDD: sending payload: �
[2015-11-25 03:46:43 (+0000)] DEBUG No captive portal match for
[2015-11-25 03:46:42 (+0000)] DEBUG ONDD: received data: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>65<carousel_id>1</carousel_id>content/60be005464ffeea5df7775275358e4cd.zip6a74dc2ee1626b2d6721263500c696ce699417646cf7bd2835514cfb549abadd<block_count>20081</block_count><block_received>8962</block_received>no<carousel_id>2</carousel_id>files/unicef-tweets/teachunicef/img/641683826549374977.png8f3abbbf044fd5e7913539ebc15184623a0c449b02751e7544160de9534c0241<block_count>346</block_count><block_received>214</block_received>yes<carousel_id>3</carousel_id>updates/wt200/outernet-rx-1.4.300.pkg9e3acde94cc4400ae68056bc043580d554175c94629c8daf6309e3378ff5cfb8<block_count>39005</block_count><block_received>34838</block_received>yes<carousel_id>4</carousel_id>files/Lake of Stars/Zeus/Zeus Track 6.mp3d90ddbc07cd1e8f4a8e1a7e1d251aa246b62eca8d3e0e1e70c81567f6872d8f8<block_count>19237</block_count><block_received>10530</block_received>no
[2015-11-25 03:46:42 (+0000)] DEBUG ONDD: sending payload: �
[2015-11-25 03:46:42 (+0000)] DEBUG No captive portal match for

I hope this could be fixed , thanks

Could you perform the following?

  1. Trigger the 404 message
  2. Immediately download the application log
  3. gist the last 500 lines of the application log

This will give the relevant logs to help with your issue.

Thanks for reply , as this is the first time I am using Gitlib I hope this is correct

  1. triggered 404 error
  2. downloaded the application log but when I tried to upload it as a txt file here or in gist , file extensions are not allowed
  3. I did create a gist and here is the link

I am realy new to this stuff


I just installed the Fix 0.3 and error 404 is gone, now I could browse Librarian contents, thank everyone for fixing.

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Ah so this is where the thread I was looking for is. Sorry for not updating, I couldn’t find this thread. And glad it’s working now. :slight_smile:

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