ORxPi2 2.0.00 issues

Yes. It is. It will take more than 10 minutes for the first boot.

Did you connect it with a router or switch using a LAN cable while booting? I have noticed that connecting the RPi with a router/switch while booting causes the HDStar tuner to become unstable. Hot plugging works after booting the system.

If you disconnect the tuner when booting, the indexer doesn’t operate correctly. That’s a bit of an oversight on our part. Will fix in the next release. Meanwhile, if you can’t boot with tuner attached, then do this after booting:

  1. ssh into the device
  2. run sudo /etc/init.d/S91fsal restart

Wait a few moments and check file manager.

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can any one advise me about this problem
rpi2 won’t boot up

raspberry pi2 b - geniatech hd star - orxpi2-latest.img 15 dec.

I’d be happy to help you.Your ORxPi image is 2.1.000.

Can you get the WiFi hotspot and connect with it using your computer or any mobile device?


Is that without a wifi dongle?

i have a Linksys WUSB100 work with raspbian without any problem
try to boot up orxpi2 with usb wifi dongle and without it and it ddn’t work
both usb and ethernet connected to rpi…

Don’t boot the Pi with ethernet connected.

nothing happened with or without boot with ethernet
hang at Calling CRDA…:frowning:

Does it boot cleanly if you have nothing attached to Pi except power cable and HDMI?

with 4 free usb hang too at calling crda

Can you tell us about your SD card specifications.

2 8gb class 10 sd
1 silicone power 1 lexar both works fine with raspbian
it is not power or sd problem …

Can you get the ‘OUTERNET’ WiFi hotspot ? If not boot the Pi without HDMI monitor attached.

dear pradeeka
orxpi2 not booting up , hand at CRDA massage and then nothing happened

Can you format your SD card again using sd formatter (full format, adjustment size. On). Then write the image again using Win32 disk imagine software.

I don’t think this is a SD card issue, though it might be a timing issue (something starting earlier or later than expected due to SD card speed, etc).

But I’m using a same sd card (class 10, but 16 gb). It is working well.

Not all class 10 cards are the same.

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format using sd formatter
CRDA problem lasts remain

i think i have to edit a file to bypass the crda error but i don’t know which file…
i can boot rpi2 with raspbian and insert ORxPi2 sd as usb flash to veiw files…

Not really sure, I’ve never encountred that error myself.