ORxPi2 2.0.000 won't boot with HDStar tuner attached?

Continuing the discussion from ORxPi2 2.0.00 issues:

I cannot confirm the tuner issue here. Pi2 boots fine with both tuner attached and without one. Leaving this thread open in case someone runs into this and can provide more info.

Hi Branko,

I just created a new SD card using ORxPi2 2.0.000 and booted the RPi2 with HDStar tuner attached. It took nearly 10 minutes to first boot.

WOW! now files are downloading without any issue. :smile:

I will keep on updating about this.

Hm, that does sound excessive, but we observed similar results on Pi1, so it’s possible. During first boot, it has to create all databases, so it can be a slow process on slow SD cards.

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I can see the word ‘skipping’ for some downloads. Can you explain it?

Carousel is like a magnetic tape on a loop. Once you’ve downloaded some file, it will come around again after some time. When the same file is seen by ONDD again, it will skip it. Basically it means “already downloaded”.

Thanks for your reply. Now unable to test the device because of the heavy rain and lightning :zap:.

It seems the receiver boots with HDStar.

I restarted the receiver with HDStar attached. It is working fine and still downloading contents at the speed of ~90K.
But for some contents, I’m getting 404 error. Are they partially downloaded or corrupted?

Now I can access this content after fully downloaded. This means you will get 404 error for partially downloaded contents.

Still downloading contents (now 4 hours elapsed) but getting intermittent ‘NO LOCK’ state. After few seconds this will automatically change to ‘RECEIVING’ state. So no interruptions for download. :smile:


After few seconds, back to RECEIVING automatically.

Is that on HDStar or Lighthouse?


OK, that explains the low signal and SNR. What do those value say on Lighthouse?

With ORxPi receiver,

some files keeps saying ‘skipping’ since around 5-6 hours.


image0003.jpg (skipping)
outernet-rx-2.0.000.pkg (skipping)

logs can be downloaded from http://1drv.ms/1YVIs5F

Skipping is normal. So let me try to explain.

If we upload files A, B, C, those are delivered in that order. Once all of the files are delivered, they reset to the beginning and broadcast again. So it’s an infinite loop that goes like ABCABCABC… forever. From the receiver’s perspective, you first see A and download it, then you download B, then you download C. After that, you see A again, but you already have it, so you skip it, and so on. After a while, you are skipping everything.

Of course, from time to time, we upload new things, so you may see some files that aren’t skipped. But unless we remove the old file, you will see it as being skipped every time it comes around.

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ORx - Signal and SNR

Lighthouse - Signal and SNR

Yeah, it’s still sort of low. Not horrible, though.

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What happens to the partially downloaded files? In next cycle, will they start from the beginning or just continue from the point that it was stopped?

They resume.

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After several hours, the HDStar tuner get disconnected from the receiver. Librarian still can be accessed but under the Tuner Settings it says ‘An error occurred during the rendering of this plugin’. Now HDStar LED is indicating Green.

Application and System logs: http://1drv.ms/1PZ6yey

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