Othernet aprs, again . Try to use the DC data

Hi so happy to see all of you in my UIVIEW aprs with DC data.
It work in XASTIR too.


Correct me if I’m wrong - - are these the Grid Square locations of APRS messages that were uploaded onto Othernet? Ken

Hi Kenbarbi, yes they are. I’m tring to read the txt messages and show on an aprs software for hamradio like UIview or XASTIR on linux.

The idea is that core must run on DC acting as server and you have only to connect to it with the software on computer.
I really would like to install xastir on DC os but I’m not so smart with software .
May be someone can help me to do that.

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I’m feeling a little alone !
Not many ham in europe use outnet word in aprs messages.
if you don’t enter your coordinates you will never be on the map.
coordinates in the messages body will never showed.


Hi, welcome LA1TPA on the map!

Hi, PE1NSQ philippines, welcome on the map!