Othernet Board Kit

I notice the Othernet board kit at $49 is sold out. Does that mean no kits will be available at all? A friend wants to purchase a kit.

I am also curious if the kit will ever come back in stock. I am an amateur operator but am interested in deploying the kit in rural Alaska to obtain weather/news.

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If I had to guess, they’re clearing out 3.03 boards in favor of the forthcoming 3.04.

@kl3tx @sv_sigint Yes, we are just about out of 3.03 and are waiting on the next version to come back from the manufacturer for confirmation. I just noticed that there are 13 more 3.03 kits available. Just updated the website with this inventory.

Very nice! Will the new kit be the same price? If the new kit is higher in cost, would I be missing out on a bunch of features by buying the 3.03 kit?

The new version will not have a display. It will be less of a kit and will include a basic enclosure/radome.

The price for the kit is heavily discounted. The new version will not be $49. That’s basically an inventory-clearing price.

Can you share any more like when new board available?

We are waiting on the pre-production version to arrive. Once we approve that, it will go to production. That takes about four weeks. The enclosure will also take about that long and will be run on parallel. I am hoping to start selling in July.

Downward compatible with present boards? Thanks for sharing Syed.

Unfortunately, the enclosure won’t fit the old boards. We tried to make the enclosure as small as possible, so the corners of the board were clipped.

This is a prototype that was 3D printed.

As an option, could we 3D print our own from your STL and save a bit of $'s?

You mean for the existing boards? They won’t fit, unfortunately.
The new version won’t have the board sold as a standalone item. We might consider releasing the design as an stl so that you can scale it up to fit the 3.03. It will be a big print job that will fail often on most consumer-grade printers.

OK, understand. No problem. Let us know more when you can. Thanks!

The enclosure also doesn’t allow for cove extension/chokes to be added. We might leave a bit of internal room inside to add a small cone, but that’s not confirmed yet.

Will the new 3.04 version allow connection and use of an antenna external to the radome?

That would be possible, but not the intended use case.

So I would have to give my 19" dish away? :frowning_face:

There is a u.fl-to-F adapter cable that goes from the PCB to the LNB. You can just connect that cable to your coax, which leads to your external antenna.

Roger … Have a good holiday weekend, sir.

I’d love more details on the prototype … before production…

  1. Is the ‘package’ designed for indoor AND outdoor installation
  2. How is power connected
  3. What are ‘mounting choices’
  4. … more fun details…