Othernet/Dreamcatcher use in Emeregency Management?

Hello All,
My name is Jon Wright, I am the emergency communications coordinator for the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (https://www.alberta.ca/alberta-emergency-management-agency.aspx).
Among other things I am the manager of the VE6ACD and VE6POC radio station at the Provincial Operations Centre in Edmonton, Alberta.

I am also a licensed amateur radio operator (VA6ZG).
We already utilize many emergency comms platforms, such as APRS messaging, Winlink, Packet radio.

I and am looking forward to testing the packet chat feature of the Dreamcatcher + amp, but currently only have one unit on hand, with more on order.

I am wondering if there are any other emergency managers out there looking at what applications the Othernet/Dreamcatcher platform can fill? If so, how are you implementing the hardware/service?

I can always be reached at [email protected]


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