Othernet in Europe

I’m really posting just to register my disappointment at having no access to Othernet after being led to believe that this was a global project.
I started off by building my own receiving station which (along with my first prebuilt CHIP based system) is now obsolete. Where do we go now? It is most irritating to see guys in other parts of the world experimenting with Othernet content and electronics so, it looks like I’ll have to find another project.

The others are just in the US, lower 48, some Canada and some Mexico. The satellite rental was too much on L-Band, so they moved to Ku-Band. This time, they improved the over-the-air protocol for higher speed and much more tolerant of low SNR.

Hang in there, a new satellite may be in the works of Europe.

I’ve also enjoyed experimenting with http://SatNogs.org where they experiment with LEO satellites.



Konrad, what happens with Satnog nowadays? They don’t have very fresh blog articles altough looks like their network still operates (map with active users)

Satnogs is pretty active. They keep adding more ground stations and satellites to their database. I built two raspberry Pi controllers #113 and #149. I’m still working on the VHF and UHF antennas for them. Their “community” is pretty active. I’ve worked on their Wiki (which we don’t have here) to improve the documentation. A lot of the real discussion is on the Freenode #Satnogs IRC chat (which we don’t have either). It’s a bit more interactive. A lot of the SatNOGS users post pictures of their stuff on twitter where I first caught notice of them.

For me, it’s been lessons in LEO satellites and decoding their telemetry. I like the aspect of sharing ground stations. I can make observations on other people’s ground stations.


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