"Othernet-Online" test service

Slightly more than just a proxy, attempting to give a little sampler to those curious about Othernet before they buy, or maybe just wanna play with the UI.

You get guest access, of course.


(if you accidently type outernet it will redirect :wink: )

My setup is a customized proxy frontend for Othernet, designed for public use and security (for example, it has SSL, + you should be unable to access the login screen at all).

For a proper, vanilla unmodified experience of Othernet, please see @kenbarbi’s link below.


Are you using a Dish? Signal is quite high with +2 to 3db.
But thanks for sharing.

Yes, I repurposed an old DirecTV dish :slight_smile:

Just noticed radio is broken with this setup, so will try to work on that in the next couple of days.

I think everything else works.

What diameter has the Dish? I’m currently testing the EU Beam and would like to compare the Signal Strenght a bit.

Not sure, still new to this, neighbor gave it to me when he took it off his house.

This seems to be the dish I have:

Guessing 18x20" is the diameter :wink:

For those interested, I have my Dreamcatcher 3.03 running Skylark 5.5 port forwarded to



Radio works now on mine.

@zefie would you be willing to show me how you got that proxy working i would love to setup something like that to guard my othernet device also

Here you go, I really didn’t write it up to “publishing standards” but if you can make sense of it have fun with it :slight_smile:

(for a lil extra security, if your firewall/router offers the option to whitelist addresses in the port forward, only allow your webserver’s IP to access your port forward)

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