Outerner Signal in Bangalore,India

Hi Friends
Today i received good Outernet signal in Bangalore, India. My setup is
L Band Patch Antenna+LNA+BIAS T+RTL-SDR V3 +CHIP+Chrome Browser. I could not download(i did not spend much time on terrace) any content as weather was cloudy and i was worried it might rain anytime.

Thanks Outernet Team. I am excited to see signal from Geo satellites.
Priyasloka Arya


Well done.

I look forward to hearing further reports of your success.

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Can you tell me where did you purchsed these stuff please? The entire kit is not available on Outernet store at this moment.

Repeated the experiments with Nooelec SMART SDR

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We got the patch anetnna, CHIP and LNA from Outernet Store(very fast delivery).
We are distributor of Nooelec RTL SDR and RTL SDR Blog SDRs(as Radiojitter.com in India) ,so we have SDRs and LNA (Outernet LNA is Nooelec Make)in stock.

Now we are working some type of dish+helical antenna (inspired by good result from other users) to boost SDR. 7 dB is the best signal what we got so far. We believe with higher SNR , we would have low BER and thus can have error free higher packet counts.


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Have you got the expected output from the outernet?

yes of course. If you need the Outernet stuffs in India you could buzz me

I want to buy Dreamcatcher Single Board Computer which is on sale now. Can I Go head?

seems like a good deal, however, the custom these days are checking this kind of products and if you are lucky you get through in two to three weeks otherwise it took 2 months for me to clear

For you how many days it took?

august 26 to Oct 18(precisely)

Its too late.

Could you please give your contact number?