Outernet access with bare LNB

I stumbled across the Outernet project recently via a classified ad on qrz.com. I love the concept of a one-way data/news/files distribution across the globe.

I’m located in Southern California, and my question is: should it be possible to receive the signal using a bare LNB without a dish from my location?

I’ve read about people having issues with lock after the freq/beam change in February. Can anyone in the CA/NV/AZ area give me an idea what RSSI and loss % looks like with only an LNB?

73 Kenny KJ6BSQ

Hi Kenny,

take a look ath the Satbeams map for the SES-2 Sat that covers the US.
You should be fine, California seems to be covered very well.

I receive Othernet here in Germany from Astra 3B with a bare LNB and it works great :slight_smile:

73 Manuel DO5TY

Hi Ken - - look at the Wiki at the top of this page which will answer your question. Also, there is User’s Guide I wrote that goes into greater detail. Ken

I get a long with a bare LNB in Eugene, OR. I did use a square chicken wire horn to help beat down 12 TV and FM broadcasters about 45 degree off axis and a half mile away.

Thanks for the tips and the wiki link! I left an 80cm FTA dish attached to my last house, and I see one of those in my future, but it’s good to know it should work without!

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