Outernet Europa EU

I recently joined your communities.
I am interested in your Syed project.
You can specifically write which satellite is now in Europe through which to catch Othernet?
Thank you

Currently, we are on Eutelsat 8WB.

Thank you very much.
I was interested in your project.
I used to play with the first SkyStar SAT boards.
I am from Lithuania. STARLINK has already been launched in Lithuania, sorry, only paid.
And your idea is great if the Internet is free.
I will be glad to contribute to the project, if possible.

Please take a look at the Wiki Pages above to get a better idea of how Othernet works :smiley: Ken

Hello Outernet is NOT the internet it is only some data who come from the sattelite and fall into a small pc like a radio programme somewhere somebody chose what to give some info can be interesting ( like the meteo ) but some other can be not what you expected ( météo= weather report )

thanks, just starting to understand what i need to get online. You will need to assemble the receiver.

What kind freq have this one, type 164? Can no get data anymore.

Beam Type is 36