Outernet In Morrocco North Afrique it's Possible?

I found this article and it’s seem to be very very interesting . i want to know if the range of wifi will be in Morocco North afrique and if i used ampli reception wifi in the roof will be better to have good signial ?
thanks a lot

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i volunteering to do the test . thanks

Hi all,
I think that the new born project will be the best gift for billions of people not only in America of Africa but the whols humanity. Hoping that this will come true as planned, we are all eager to know how things are going to be after. Here in Algeria, in contrast to Morocco or Tunisia for instance, internet fees are so expensive and connexion interruption are so frequent that we ,in fact, can call it connexion. The most overwhelming questions that often come to my mind are these: how well is the outernet connexion going to be? Like 3G or 4G better or less? What equipment will we need? Is the wifi software enough to get connected to outernet or we’ll need a dish or something like that? So what’s it then?
Anyway, our expectations are great thanks to outnet and I hope everything we’ll be ok bye June 2015.