Outernet in remote African villages

How will this initiative help to bring about Internet availability in remote part of Africa.

It will broadcast WiFi there, therefore making internet information available to anyone with a WiFi device.

Anyone with Wifi? That sounds very interesting. There are so many people living in Africa especially the western part who has the opportunity to own a cell phone or computer devices without the privilege because Internet access is considered to be luxury. It is not that Internet access is not available but it is out of reach because it is very expensive and the telecommunication companies are not helping in this situation.
The question is, is there a way I can help when Outernet is fully operational, to volunteer and make sure that Internet is available to the less privileges in Africa. I am fully willing to Volunteer.

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There will be plenty of opportunity to take part in the project. I am currently working on a draft for CSDS (the content selection and discovery system), and it will be posted on this forum for public discussion. There are many unknowns and help with those would be greatly appreciated.

After the draft is finalized, we’ll start building the actual software and we’ll need help with testing, and code.

On the hardware side, once the designs are completed, schematics would be released for interested people to build the hardware (not familiar with details, but mostly signal processing stuff to improve reception). Building them for your neighborhood is one way to help.

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That is very great to hear! I will be very willing to contribute to these efforts and very interesting in anything that add value to people. Just keep me posted.