Outernet Ku-band in Europe and rest of the world for Dreamcatcher 3

Do you have a rough idea if, when and where will be the satellite footprint outside of the USofA?
I take it it will be provided via SES, right?

No, there is no guarantee that we will stick with SES for every new beam. The whole reason we moved away from L-band was because we wanted to avoid operator lock-in, which almost destroyed us during the L-band days.

For now, we go wherever we get the best deal. All I care about is price. We’ll need either a lot of interest from individual European customers, or a relationship with a few resellers in Europe.

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@Syed I understand it makes financial sense.

I am just curious, so I will ask 3 questions and I would appreciate if you give me an answer.

So at the moment who exactly is the target group of the product since it only beams at US of A? and few countries around?

Looking at the slogan on the Story page
"Lantern is a portable satellite receiver, the only device that constantly receives free data from space, anywhere on Earth." that does not look likely if you do not get people buying in the individual regions, or have I missed something?

And then it goes:
Global. Outernet covers every continent, so you can access continuously updated content wherever you go.

So I think you may have cracked the device, the satellite technology to use, I hope it will still be solar charged, but the anywhere on the earth?

Will there be DIY kit of the Lantern?