Outernet Receiver on your PC (Windows)

There’s a possibility to run a receiver on PC. With a big caveat: not supported.

The basic idea is to emulate Raspberry Pi on PC. You will still need satellite equipment and a USB tuner.

It may or may not work for you. I haven’t had any luck getting this to work, but throwing it out here in case someone wants to give it a try.

Get the qemu.zip file from here:

Unpack it, and it will give you a run.bat file and qemu folder. Run the .bat file, and it should start Raspbian on emulated ARM hardware.

The zip file is for Windows, but installing QEMU on Linux or Mac OSX and running the command found in qemu/run.bat may also work.

Now, the trick is that you now need to make sure USB is visible to the emulated system, and you need to install the ORx software as per instructions. You are on your own regarding this, but please let others know if you have any success or know how to get it working.

Also, if you have any luck getting Arch Linux ARM to work in similar way, please write about it.

Good luck.

that is work with skystar2 hd pci express ? please

All I can say is… try it.

i’ll try ----------------

Thanks. Let us all know how it went.