Outernet Software on New Model CHIP board

It seems old model is discontinued, anyone try to install outernet software on New Model CHIP board?

The new model isn’t released yet.

@kurnias Do you mean the CHIP Pro?

yes Syed,… CHIP Pro.

I had a feeling that is what you meant. CHIP pro only has 256MB RAM and 512MB flash. It also doesn’t have a full size USB port, and at nearly twice the price of CHIP it really isn’t suitable for outernet.

my fear right now is if they don’t get one with enough ram the outernet project on the chip boards is going to stall out and then have to switch Dev boards again and whats going to happen with the older boards support from outernet moving forward… i know you are making a custom board but what about the people with the current chips and with the current software defied radios…

NTC stated they are going to make a 256mb board, as well as one with more than 512mb of ram. So you will still be able to get a CHIP with enough ram, it just many not be at the same price point.

that’s fair due to them trying to get fair supply and constant supply

We have a lot more control over our own boards. For example, based on feedback from these forums, we increased the RAM from 256 MB to 512 MB on Dreamcatcher. To be clear, our new board, Dreamcatcher, is an integration of all the components that we had in previous kits. It’s basically all of the loose pieces soldered onto a single board. Not to mention a few other things we added to the mix.