Outernet Status Map

My Node-RED monitor program takes a snapshot of my DreamCatcher board once an hour and tweets it to @WA4OSH


Meanwhile the map reports no lock


Is the Outernet status map current to every 5 minutes? Is that correct?

–Konrad, WA4OSH

I guess you have to ask… what the heading means
95% lock - green, 80% or more, yellow, else red

I assume some time weighted value?.. but to assume … is dangerous

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the value plotted on the map is a 5-minute average of the value shown in the tuner app. Its possible to be receiving packets but at a reduced rate - in that case you will generally see “Lock: yes” in the tuner (with intermittent Lock: no). Look at the packet rate - for 100% lock, your packet rate should be slightly more than 10pps. If your packet rate is less than 8pps, you will show red on the map.

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I will add packet rate to my twitter report so that I can see it at work :smiley: Thanks!

–Konrad, WA4OSH