Outernet using Skygrabber

Learning about Outernet it dawned on me that its similar to an idea I had that a network could be created using Skygraber and free to air satellite equipment. Instead of just grabbing random data off satellites, there would be rented space on the existing satellites holding the content like Outernet is planning to have. Not sure how expensive that would be compared to launching and maintaining the Outernet satellites. But its a way to create the same thing with existing satellites and receivers common on the market.


Do you know any open-source alternatives to Skygrabber?

The thing missing with Skygrabber is user forums and the ability to post info requests and upload them. It just grabs whatever is on the satellite thats downloadable that other internet users with paid service plans are requesting in their daily internet activities. I wonder if a Outernet like system could be created “free” by having uploaded files tagged in a sort of way that software on the receivers end would find and assemble them into a list. It would be open source in a way because there would be users with paid internet that use specific satellites that would post files requested in the network forums, tagged in a way that receivers without an internet plan, but with a sort of Skygrabber like software and receiver equipment would find them on the satellite. I just dont know enough of how it works, like how long the files would stay on the satellite when done in this manner. Maybe someone else in this forum knows more and could comment on the feasibility of this idea.

It’s feasible. In fact, we’re already working on solution that works pretty much the way you described, except that requests for content will not be sent through forums but through a combination of USSD application and dedicated web-based UI.