Outernet Websites

Hello ,

First i want to thank you for this great job what are you doing to benefit all the world.

Second i have suggestion it might be very helpful for a lot of people

my suggestion is to give chance to all outernet users who want to create website ( education , fun , news , etc…)

the website domain will be related to outernet special domain like what happen in Tor ( for example .onion)

first you specify the domain that will be for the user like ( example.outernet )

second : the user he should use anyway he want to build the website then he zip the file and upload it for approval or provide link to outernet support team to check the website if it legit and can be shown in outernet .

third after the approval the user send all the website as zip file to the support team and the support team will upload it on the specified outernet domain for the user

fourth create category in the outernet contain all the users websites.

fifth if the user want to update his content , if you can provide an file access for him will be great he can do it through his internet connection not the outernet

how the user submit his files

create an online form to be filed with all information , website title , domain check, link for the website for live preview if there or upload zip file , check the agreement of use

and thats it .

thanks all

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