Plan B to RX Outernet

I use Dreamcatcher and Skylark to receive Outernet. (lucky I still RX it)
Before I learned about Outernet, I received Safety Net info from Inmarsat 3F3.
I use a DIY Heiix, LNA4ALL, RTL-SDR dongle, SDR# and WinSTD-C to decode.

The other day, I tuned up on Outernet with the same setup, minus the decoder.
Very good looking signal, around 15 SNR! My question: How about a decoder similar to WinSTD-C. to see Outernet traffic on screen? I know a lot of work went into Skylark, but this idea could be a backup if Dreamcatcher failed some day or one wanted a 2nd system. Start up: Turn on all stuff. Bring up SDR#. Bring up stand alone Outernet decoder. See new files coming in and save them.

By now reading the blogs by destevez and his total effort of reverse engineering, I can now see my simple thinking about decoding was totally naive. Please disregard my post above.