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Don, I’m pretty sure I read that in one of Abhishek’s posts. Finding it will be the real trick :tired_face:

I’ve got my FM broadcaster set up here and can listen to the audio feeds all over the house. They are habit forming. I can hardly wait for Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds” mixed with VOA News for 48 hours straight - - it might be hard to separate out the fake news :rofl:. Ken


Ken, kind of believe AP is not molested yet when the journalists send their their stories home. So I read AP online before anything else. After that, who knows. I’m old enough to remember UPI, AP, and Movietone News playing in theaters just before the main feature. I trusted them along with Cronkite.


Sounding good tuesday morning.


Syed did good for Halloween - - War of the Worlds plays well :heart_eyes:

Today is the 80th Anniversary of its performance on October 30,1938, on CBS. Ken


I did not do good. That was all @Abhishek


I was enjoying it while getting ready for work.


no 10/30 news feeds yet today?



The Spanish Public National Radio and Television Service (RTVE - Radio Televisión Española) has a lot of podcasts about news in several languages. I think that a closer look may show a lot of very interesting news feeds and podcatst. Like the international podcast news “Cinco continentes”


As I assume a lot of final othernet users will be located in central and south american countries and other countries with spanish as a main language (like Guinea Equatorial in Africa) this podcast and other could be interesting

For non european people notice that RTVE Radio Service (RNE) is a concept close to the NPR service in the US.

Hope this information will be useful

Keep going on!

Eduard Vives


It seems I had overloaded the carousels a bit and some of the files weren’t going around enough times to ensure a high probability of delivery. I have fixed that now - are you still seeing missing news/weather packs?


Thank you. So far, the only thing after the 10/29 articles is the APRS, that is dated 10-31. All others still old.


At 10 PM EDT checking and find all news feeds appear to have updated. Thanks again!