Portuguese (Brasil) Language

Dear Outernet Community,

I’ve just finished some ammount of % with some technical words translations to the Portuguese (Brasil) Language which is now up to 100%!

Now I’m trying to find some corrections for you, though it’s been well translated! Portuguese is really hard. Please, correct me if I’m wrong. Thank you.
I actually would love to help you in other ways. I will email the staff soon.


Daniel De Moura

Daniel, I’ve seen you’ve kept very busy on POEditor, so thank you so much, and kudos for all the great work!

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Thank you Branko, hopefully I can do much more one day! That’s nothing compared to your (staff) wonderful project that will be so helpful in the entire world.

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Daniel, como anda a tradução pro PT-PB ?
Se precisar de ajuda só dar um toque OK

Eu venho acompanhando o progresso da Outernet desde 2015~16 mais ou menos, não comprei o receptor pq tava bem claro que iria demorar a funcionar no brasil… Atualmente como anda a tradução? Se é que tem alguém aí lendo né, vi que o último comentário já tem mais de 2 anos…

Here’s the translation for Syed to address - -

I have been following the progress of Outernet since 2015 ~ 16 or so, I did not buy the receiver because it was very clear that it would take time to work in Brazil… Currently how is the translation? If anyone is reading there, I saw that the last comment is already over 2 years…