Possible outernet in Iran on 2020?

I’ve read the articles about outernet specs, all related to Iran are for 2014-2016.
I know about the techs, but I’d like to know if there is any chance that anybody or any organization will connect us to the internet in future? when internet will shut down in Iran soon again.
will be possible to connect to the live internet through this hardware in future? if yes, I should afford all of parts from Dubai or anywhere else, because everything is gonna shutdown here as HELL.
please could anyone can help us to have accessibility to the internet (just for youtube,facebook,tweeter,instagram,telegram and some ordinary sites or servers) through this Techs in future?
if its really possible, many of people I know will use this for sure.
we need access to social network and of curse Hollywood movies as well!
maybe I cannot access to this site next time, so please please please answer me through my email: [email protected]
thanks in advance for your response

I dont know when othernet will be available in Iran again, however othernet wont do what you want. There is no connection to the internet. It is receive only similar to broadcast radio.

Also, since we are am American company, bound by US laws, trade sanctions prevent us from selling products into Iran.

yeah should say THANK YOU American government :unamused::unamused:
US Gov always says loves Iranian people, will help Iranian People… BUT truth is sth else :expressionless:
I DO know someday people of earth will be free of everything
I believe that…
Thank u Syed
this is a good project u’ve started and I hope u’ll provide free internet through it to the whole world soon :slight_smile:

@Gabriel_Gbl, the process of getting a waiver from the US State Department is typical bureaucracy; difficult, expensive, and usually takes a long time unless a high level bureaucrat decides they want to push it forward. Sadly they are not the least bit agile even for humanitarian reasons. There is also no easy to access signal aimed at Iran currently even if you had an Othernet receiver. The old L-band signal was international and you could build a receiver at home with cheap parts but it had a very low bandwidth, the Ku signal is able to carry a much larger total daily data load.
Just so you know Othernet is not satellite Internet, think more like a digital updating receive-only feed to ground stations using an elegantly hacked use of a small slice of two TV satellite(North America and Europe) downlinks.
There are all kinds of ideas being discussed by Othernet enthusiasts and testers to give end users a way to control the feed without having internet access but for now even the receiver hardware, downlink, and content in the beam are all in alpha (not even beta) testing and those links back might end up being separate projects who would seek a percentage of the Othernet signal.
Think of Othernet service in its current form as testing a new form of shortwave radio signal but digital information and the satellite receiver unit as a special shortwave radio receiver.