Possible to decode other unencrypted Ku-band DVB-S2 streams from SES-2?


Hi folks. WB6ALX here. I’ve got a new Dreamcatcher 3.03, running Skylark 5.4, and am curious to know if it’s possible, in theory, to decode other, un-encrypted DVB-S2 streams from SES-2. Has anyone looked in to this, or tried?


That won’t be possible, as DVB-S/2 is a completely different modulation from what Dreamcatcher supports.


Got it, makes sense. What is the modulation supported by Dreamcatcher?


if i remember right is a verson of Lorawan


For everything else buy a chinese deambox clone which is a very different animal with open source software


@jimwatt What’s this Chinese dream box clone you’re speaking of. Have a link or specific name to hunt for? Sounds useful.


There is a lot of them, look on aliexpress for an enigma 2hd box