Probably dumb questions - what are the spinning plusses in Skylark?

Thanks to @kenbarbi 's great PDF I got a Dreamcatcher 3.05 set up. It powers up and provisions a wifi hotspot which I can connect to. I had the “No more sessions” problem but seem to have gotten past that.

I am having trouble aiming the LNB and getting a signal, but I feel that I am close.

With Skylark 5.8 open, the icons at the top right of the window (logout, fullscreen) flash at about a 1hz rate. Is this in sync with the ‘heartbeat’ LED on the Dreamcatcher board? Does this represent the refresh rate of the data to my browser?

Sometimes, there will be a series of spinning plus marks in circles (+) at the top right of the window. They go from right to left and there are different numbers of them at different times. What are these plus marks for and what do they indicate??

Also, the website currently says: " Due to operational changes, the broadcast channels are temporarily unavailable. Normal service will return in March 2021. More information can be found on the forums."

I am in the US and the status page ( ) does still show green marks for nearly everyone. So is the data currently running as of today (6 Feb 2021) or not? Should I not be trying to set this up until the services have (fully) returned?

Yes, the channel is currently still live. If you see green balloons on the bottom screen, then everything is still working.

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The spinning plusses are “api calls”, or when the software is seeking information from the Dreamcatcher. It is just letting you know that it is looking for and loading whatever you clicked on in the software. You will see these when your wifi lease drops or disconnects, also.

Glad your unit is working. We will have a few tense moments in the next month, but that happens when improvements are being made at the satellite end of Othernet. Please continue to ask questions as they come up, there are quite a few of us who have experienced being new at this, and we will try to help you over the bumps…

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