Proper shutdown procedure?

While I’d hope the Lighthouse has been designed to be power-failure tolerant, the computer geek in me can’t help but be concerned about the possibility of power being lost while writing to flash memory and the possibility for corruption.

While an actual power outage cannot be predicted, it can be mitigated with any of a number of backup power strategies. What about intentional shutdowns for whatever reason (rewiring electrical system, servicing the dish and LNB, or moving the system, for example)? Is there a proper and graceful way to bring down the system? Or do I just pull the plug and hope for the best?

Unfortunately, the poweroff does not work as expected. I’m not sure why and haven’t had the time to look into it. We do yank the power on day-to-day basis all the time during development, and I haven’t noticed any critical corruption after power-on, so we consider it relatively safe.

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