Purchase Orders


I’m representing a university student team who aim to implement your product in NASA’s 2020 Micro-g NExT Design Challenge Competition. Our written proposal was accepted last fall and we hope to begin protoyping this semester for the competition in May 2020.

Does your company take purchase orders, and is able to provide relevant tax papers should the college need it? The purchasing process with the team’s budget takes a while, so the students intend to buy it out of pocket and get reimbursed by the school.

Is there any email address to contact someone should we need order information, or would the team post here on the forum?

Thanks in advance for your response.

UB AIAA Micro-g NExT

Hi, as of the Website of othernet the official email is the following: [email protected]
Maybe @syed can PM you or write over email with you.

good luck with the project!

regards from germany,
Manuel DO5TY

Yep, I’ll email directly.

Thanks for reaching out. I’ll be sure to reply to you by tomorrow via email.