Python on skylark?

Is it possible to install and run python (2 or 3) on Skylark? I would like to gin up a script to scrape the APRS messages and write them to a port to make connecting an APRS client like YAAC or Xastir easy.

If this is not possible, are there suggestions for another way to implement this. I have seen that there is an outnet port in YAAC but it does not seem to work.


I should have mentioned that I am running Skylark 5.8 on DC 3.05.

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It’s possible, you can combine Armbian image and add files/binaries from Skylark image. You need to extract filesystem from Skylark image, copy to Armbian and there chroot to this directory to run the receiving applications and things around it.

@MichalK is mostly correct. Skylark can’t be modified at all. You can, however, build a receiver from the Armbian image and install any dependencies you like.

Sorry for my question, what happen to

I didn’t get my device.