Question About Weather App

Hi, I just got my receiver setup yesterday and i seem to be able to get everything except the weather content. Is it uploaded every hour or do you have to do something special and enable a setting to get it to work? Also looking at the board there seems to be lots of ways to expand and things you can add to it. Is there a list or tutorial somewhere?

The weather app files go out twice a day, so it’s just a matter of leaving the receiver up. How long has it been up so far?

There is UART for accessing the board directly (the 4-pins next to the display). Everything else is just for testing purposes.

What time does it go out? I had it set up in my window with like a 79 rssi and 13ish db strength. I also saw what looked like a place you could solder in some sma connectors that were tied together they we’re labled t1 and t2. Is there any way I could hook up a direct TV Slimline ku band satellite dish? It’s a powerd lnb.

Oh, those are old USB lines, when there was a USB hub on the board. They (T1 and T2) are just artifacts.

They don’t go out at set times but do go out twice a day.

How could i hook up an old direct tv KU Slimline dish for othernet.