Question for ignorant. Who wants to help rural communities in my country Colombia

Goodnight. I am located in Colombia and would like to know if possible from here install the outernet ?. It would be to install in rural educational communities without possibility of internet. Thank you very much for your help and answers

It should be possible to connect to Outernet in Columbia You’d need to buy around $100 of kit at a minumum.

You’d then recieve in the region of 10Mb - 20Mb of files per day to that device. Most of the files will be in English, but some will be in Spanish.

It includes this app to help you predict the weather and A news page like this (10 stories a day in Spanish, as well as something like 50 in English, 4 in French, 4 in Chinese, 4 in Arabic.)

And files like this:

The content will improve in time, but that’s the current state of it. It’s also a service that’s new and has some teething problems, so you may find you have problems with the reciever.

In six months time there should be a fully functioning product.