Dear Syed or Comunity,
I have been fallowing along for the last 5 years since it was using KU-Band Sat and I love the project.
Many questions have arisen in that time.

  1. Will there be maps, like Openstreet maps planned?
  2. Will there be an updated weather app to see curent weather and forcasts like Openweather?
  3. Will there be other news agencys?
  4. Will there be a revision to the wikipedia app to remove broken search bar?
  5. Can we see a new testing environment on the internet like skylark?
  6. Is there a planned dump so we can download all data that has been prevously broadcasted.
    I do not see any updates on twitter, or main media, and the store has been sold out for a while.
    Is there something I can do to help out, i am not a programer but a sysadmin who loves to tinker and waist time on new toys.

I belive this is an amazing project and could help many people where internet is not.
What plans are in the future?

Message them on their email address, since they do not check forums too often


  1. What would the application with OpenStreetMaps be? I believe OSM-support would be very, very data-intensive and the broadcast downloads at 2 kbps…
  2. A weather app will be available for the new Dreamcatcher, but there are not plans for updating anything on Skylark.
  3. There are no plans to add additional news sources, but it’s quite trivial to add any that have flexible licensing policies.
  4. The Wikipedia app on Skylark will not be updated.
  5. Yes, a new demo-site will eventually be available.
  6. We are considering a web-accessible stream of the broadcast.

No huge plans for the future at this time. The goal is just to keep the service running by selling Dreamcatchers.

Maybe consider scraping from something like Very minimal and made for dial up modems with up to date info