Raspberry or Dreamcatcher radio kit

Is it worth to buy Dreamcatcher radio kit. Is there anything which can’t be done on Raspberry pi and we have to buy Dreamcatcher. I am a noon, hence looking for expert advice.

Welcome to Othernet, Paul. Nothing is being done via Raspberry Pi at this time, you will need a DreamCatcher radio kit to receive KU-band Othernet now. You can experience my DreamCatcher version 3.05 running Skylark 5.7 at: Login: othernet Password: j7m*2

That’s cool. I’ve a query, it may sound silly… But is there a way we can upload a very small piece of information let’s say a payload of couple of bytes to satellite… Any satellite out there? Without internet… I’m looking for an application which can fit for disaster recoveries… Real life disasters like flood, earthquake etc. If there could be a way that person who is stuck in a disaster can upload the data or maybe just the coordinates or can send an sos…

You can’t directly uplink to the satellite we use, but you can send a short message over APRS (144 MHz) with the OTHER tag. Once it hits a gateway, we will uplink it to the satellite and it will then be broadcast across the US/Canada and EU.

Erm … You mean with the OUTNET tag :slight_smile:

@Mark_Phillips What is your callsign? I’m going to try them both again.