Re-enable AP mode on Dreamcatcher Skylark from shell?

My dreamcatcher will no longer connect to my wifi access point for some reason. Is there a way I can set it up for AP mode from terminal?

Since no one jumped in on this… Just my 2 cents, reflash the os sd card … I know this isnt what you want to do, put it works LOL.

I ran into this same problem, no one came up an answer, I did learn you can boot from either from sd slot, So I have one sd configured for attached to wifi, and one sd for hotspot ap, then spring ‘pop’ out the one I don’t to use.
I know this is a terrible solution, but the alternate of leaving always as it’s own hotspot means every device I want to use has to be manually reconfigured to attach the outernet. None of my devices allow two simultaneous wifi connections

You will have to delete the config. It should be something like this:

sudo rm -r /mnt/config/


sudo reboot

I haven’t tested this command as I don’t want to reconfig my receiver right now.

Should be /mnt/conf I think. Or if you know Linux, you could edit the Skylark config file in /mnt/conf/etc and change the wireless more from ‘sta’ to ‘ap’ and reboot with sudo reboot. HTH Also a re-flash of the SD card without a full format will NOT reset this config by design.

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Your right, my brain automatically adds the “ig” to the end. I didn’t realize this until now.

I updated the config this morning and got it back up and accessible again.