Received parts from Amazon, waiting for software

I have received the outernet LNA, Dongle and Antenna from amazon. I can confirm that I am receiving good strong signals from inmarsat. When is the ETA for the software to decode? Will this be available on windows?

Are you using a PC or a Raspberry Pi? Let me know if this is helpful:

Thanks! That does help a lot.

I do not currently have a RPI3 but I was planning on purchasing one. I’ll order one and let you know how it goes.

If there is PC software available that would be great as well, if not I understand as it isn’t the primary focus of the project.

We’ll be releasing better documentation for getting this running on either the CHIP or the Pi. The Pi 2 should work, which is outlined here:

We do have X86_64 support, but Linux only. That overview is in the works.

Thanks a lot Syed.

More documentation here.

That is exceptionally helpful. I expect to have a system up and running this weekend. I’ll let you know how it goes.