Reception in North America

It still makes no sense that so many North American Dreamcatcher users are having problems achieving lock. Ken

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I’m cheating here in SD, I am using a Ku dish.

Mine is attached to an old phase 3 DirecTV dish and I get a great signal of +6 and lock
But my Internet connected dreamcatcher never seems to produce a green marker for my expected location in east Tennessee.

When I go to I get a different looking story. Maybe you caught it on a stormy weather week.



I noticed that my SNR is worse (larger negative number) after the change-over a couple/few months ago to a different frequency/beamtype. It may be that my LNB got jostled around that time and got the pointing messed up. I don’t have any reason to think it got jostled, other than the change in SNR. I need to go set up a laptop on a table in the yard and see if I can get some improvement. I used to almost never lose lock, but now I do any time there are heavy clouds or rain in that direction. I’m using just a plain LNB - no reflector. I haven’t complained about it because I haven’t already gone out to see if it’s just a pointing problem. I used to get better than -10 (often 9.75 or 9.5). Now I rarely get better than -12.5, often down to -13.75 or so. When it goes lower than that it will usually lose lock. But I’m getting enough lock time that I’m receiving (I assume all of) the news and a bunch of Wikipedia articles.

Good to hear from you Shay. You are one of the many Forum members who did not recover when Othernet changed their freq/beam type. You are a Forum member showing a red balloon on LOCK. I believe there are others too. In any case, you need to investigate your settings to see how you can achieve a better LOCK. Good luck doing that. Ken