Reception Report from Civita, Italy

Reception from Civita, Italy, (Lat 39 deg 49.6’ N Long 16 deg 19.0’ E) at 1800 local (1600 UTC). SNR of 8.41 dB Rssi of -115.54 dBm.

This location outside of our B&B in flower box could connect to a WiFi, so I was able to “phone home” - the green balloon at the toe of Italy. Ken

That’s a flower to my liking :smile:

Nice SNR and nice “Flower” in the flowerpot.



Thanks Manuel - - it has been quite an experience to find good views of Alphasat without building interference (or other RF interference), and the ability to connect to a WiFi. Most of the hotels give open access, but you need to bring up a browser and enter a user name and password. That can’t be done with Skylark, and is not an issue in my mind.Ken