Reception Report from Northern Vermont, USA


I have a clear line to the satellite from my location (Lat: 44.4 N, Long: 72.0 W).
SNR between -5.0 to -6.75 regardless of weather.
Lock: yes (uninterrupted)
Rssi: a steady -80

Consequently I’m getting a steady stream of data.

Previously, with the Outernet unit i received no data even though I had an acceptable signal report. So I’m very pleased with this new system.

Update: Jan 9, 2019
While I had no reception problems to date, it is now snowing very heavily and I’m not receiving any files or audio: SNR -17, Lock no, RSSI -81. This is after upgrading to Skylark 5.5, which I had hoped might improve my reception, but it is unchanged.

Looks like I’ll have to try adding a cone of some sort to the LNB to try to improve really bad weather reception.


are you using the LNB with a dish? What kind?


I’m just using the LNB by itself, no dish or cone made out of wire mesh or anything like that.


the SNR should be negative, in that case. Could you please double check?


Thank you for pointing out the error. I have corrected it in the original post.