Reception Report from Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

Reception here in Ragusa, Sicily, (Lat 36 deg 55.6โ€™ N Long 14 deg 44โ€™ E) at 0800 local (0700 UTC) is stronger than other locations with an SNR of 9.58 dB and stronger Rssi of -113,75 dBm.

I found a location with an unobstructed sky view on top of the hotel outside of WiFi range so went HotSpot mode. Ken

The travels of this reciever remind me of the globe-trotting garden gnome from Amelie :smiley:

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Iโ€™m kind of amazed by the wear and tear that the Alpha Lantern has stood up to. It was never meant to be more than a barely functional prototype.

Youโ€™re 100 % right. Once, it fell off a balcony from one floor above the ground - - I picked it up and had to plug everything back into the various sockets and it worked just fine. :heart_eyes:
Those 10 screws really work!


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Next report will show the effects of Mt Etnaโ€™s eruption on satellite signal. Ken

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