Reception Report Matera, Italy

Reception here in Matera, Italy on Alphasat 25 E is moderate at an SNR of 4 dB. Lat 40 deg 39.9’N Long 16 deg 36.5’E Ken

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welcome to Alphasat Ken :slight_smile:

Are you in an urban environment? Any sources of noise? Alphasat is slightly more powerful than the other beams. I’m surprised your SNR is not higher.

This is a city of ancient cave dwellings - - no ambient noise and a clear view of the sky looking 164 deg magnetic at an elevation of 42 deg on a cloudless sunny day.

I was surprised too as my performance on Americas in DC usually runs from 9 - 11 dB, but does occasionally drop to 4 to 8 dB.

I’ll check again from a new location as I approach Sicily. Ken

His SNR is consistent with the best I have had from Alphasat from the UK with the supplied patch ant (the elevation of the bird is 26 degrees for me)

Now today, I am in Lecce, Italy, (Lat 40.3N Long 18.17E Elevation 42.8 Mag 166.2). Clear sunny sky on top of hotel with great view of horizon, and I can’t close a link. Time is 1415 UTC (Mid-afternoon) Friday 11 Mar. Signal levels are on order of -108 dBm, but SNRs are neg with no lock. I am running on a fully charged Lipo battery (as I usually do when I take a casual look-see) - - CHIP working fine, LNA lit up as usual.

Several reboots of Lantern, but no change. All I can think is RFI must be causing the problem. I’ll pursue that with SDR #. Ken