Reception Report Maui Hawaii

I was able to connect in Lahaina, Hawaii, (Lat 20.92 N Long 156.70 W) with a 10.3 degree look angle. SNR peaked at -13 dB with lock and Rssi of -77 dBm.

The look angle is very low, but I closed the link. Ken


Congrats to you Ken. Have a great time. Happy Holidays!


Can you send a slightly less dark picture. I want to see the othernet receiver. .


Here’s a better picture from today with different cloud cover and location… Still a low look angle, but enough Rssi and SNR to close the link.

My expandable cup gave me about a 1.5 dB improvement in SNR, but my SNRs here in Hawaii are still much lower than on the East coast. Ken

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Thats amazing when it really supposed to only work in USA or are you on a different satellite?

Ken can you do a little video demonstration of a cold setup and aiming methodology to get a lock.

I’ll do a video when I get home, but Hawaii is on the outer edge of a spot beam covering Hawaii - -

from image Ken