Reception Report Maui Hawaii


I was able to connect in Lahaina, Hawaii, (Lat 20.92 N Long 156.70 W) with a 10.3 degree look angle. SNR peaked at -13 dB with lock and Rssi of -77 dBm.

The look angle is very low, but I closed the link. Ken


Congrats to you Ken. Have a great time. Happy Holidays!



Can you send a slightly less dark picture. I want to see the othernet receiver. .



Here’s a better picture from today with different cloud cover and location… Still a low look angle, but enough Rssi and SNR to close the link.

My expandable cup gave me about a 1.5 dB improvement in SNR, but my SNRs here in Hawaii are still much lower than on the East coast. Ken


Thats amazing when it really supposed to only work in USA or are you on a different satellite?


Ken can you do a little video demonstration of a cold setup and aiming methodology to get a lock.


I’ll do a video when I get home, but Hawaii is on the outer edge of a spot beam covering Hawaii - -

from image Ken