Recovering CHIP from connecting to a wireless network

I was trying to change the CHIP to connect to a wireless network instead of the default (Create a Hotspot) thru your local WiFi (getting an IP address on your router) but now I cannot access it at all and I just want to go back to the outernet hotspot. please help

Have you found an answer any where in the Forum or on the Outernet website?

I think this is a good question for the Frequent Asked Questions of Outernet.

What kind of WiFi router do you have?

Is your router set to DHCP.

What is the gateway IP of your router.

What is the DHCP IP address of the computer or tablet you are currently running.


if CHIP is unable to connect to your Wifi it will automatically flip back to Hotspot mode in a couple of minutes.

If that has not happened, switch off your router, reboot your CHIP and just wait a couple minutes. The CHIP hotspot should come back.

Iā€™v tried what @Abhishek told you , and it works well. The most important thing is patience, and to make sure your router is turned off - - not just out of range. Ken

Thanks! Everything worked out well!!!

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