Report from Sweden

I am located in Karlstad just north of lake Vanern in Sweden.
I got the kit a few weeks ago and tried to set up indoors behind a window. That did not work. I never got it to lock. I printed the LNB holder by TysonPower

and set it up outdoors. I think SNR came down to 15 and the data appeared on the tuner-status page, and lock = yes started come and go. I then added a tin can and the SNR came down to 13 and I got a stable lock. Files started to download. Success!
Some pictures from the installation.


That looks really nice! Happy that the LNB Holder i made works for you so great.

Could you add a make on thingiverse with some Pictures as above? That helps to show other people that the thing works :slight_smile:


Yes, I’ll do that.

Hard to beat a few dB SNR for 50-cents. Doing the same thing from the satellite is tens of thousands more per year.


I counted 12 European, 56 north America balloons on the status page
on 16Feb 2020. Great progress all