Representation in Russia

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I want you to show your interest in your idea, and not just my personally, but many people in our great country. In view of this I would like to offer my services in the areas of IT technology and management, as your magnificent idea need financial and promotional support.
Your idea is close to my liking and I’m ready to go all out to work towards achieving it . Heard and read about what you plan to eventually make the network completely free , as conceived by its creator . I understand that it requires more financial support and sponsorship infusion. I want to suggest you to open a branch of your organization in Moscow. Necessary funds , I would have been able to find financial monopolies and industrial giants , as well as those corporations who would have first priority for sponsorship would like to have free access to their sites from their planet , as well as for advertising and other marketing and management factors .
I would like to get official permission to engage in this activity.
As well as a set of necessary documentation for legitimate and fair activities on the territory of the Russian Federation.

You can contact me by mail: [email protected]
By phone: 89267299998 either 89267299888
Better to write, my spoken English is below average level, and interpreters are often not around.
In the social network -
Or online at:

So I can give you your current address and zip code , as well as passport and other necessary data in mind bureaucracy and documents about yourself .
With you I need your details for sponsorship , as well as documents to be able fully to operate a branch in our country and in the near abroad.
So I 'll give you a list of companies and corporations with the amounts allocated to support them, as well as the names of the resources that would like to be for the payment of the first on which sites will be free to go around the world …

Thank you in advance for your attention and forward emails to an email from the administration of the resource or project manager.
With respect to you, Yakov V. Dubinin

Here live there at all? I register the domain what? Offered:

Or our so: - Всемирныйинтернет.рф

So you tend to think that this whole thing just to make money on the gullible?

I grant permission to anyone representative office in Russia or all and will look at the level of fraud and divorce for money?