RTL-SDR Dongle with Elonics E4000 Tuner and Outernet active antenna


Will the Dongle provide power for the Outernet active antenna?


I have the Dreamcatcher running with the passive antenna, but I have one of the active antennas, and would like to try it out with the sdr dongle; I see the dongle provides a bias tee with about the correct voltage to power the lna in the antenna. Is this correct?

The RTLSDR doors have a bias tee, so the active antenna should work without issue. I’ve not tried it, so please let me know how it works.

OK. I will order the dongle and find out. And I can use GQRx on my Mac with that set-up?

Specifically, I was talking about the Outernet dongle, but are you saying that all RTLDSRs have a bias tee at the antenna connector?

No, most dongles do not have a bias tee.

OK. I will order the Outernet dongle.