Running Ubuntu in raspberry pi

I want to find out if anyone has had any luck with trying to use the pi with a Linux is such as Ubuntu. I wanted to keep this project light and can power my pi with solar for years with out interruptions. Anyone tried to use this os and run it? Figured I’d check the boards before attempting a fresh image. Thank you.

The othernet software is closed source so unless someone reverse engineered the software raspberry pi support would have to be added by the othernet team. Since a rpi setup would be massively different than what is used now, I wouldn’t expect support anytime soon.

The dreamcatcher chat app is open source so the community can add support to other hardware if they want.

The dreamcatcher board is very efficient. It only draws about 7 watts at the wall.

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I am running Ubuntu-Mate on a 3+ with attached USB-Harddisk.

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Really? With the dream board?

Oh, sorry, I misunderstood your posting, while I was disatttracted and focused on the topics title. Of course I run it on a RPI3+ and not on the DC!

I have been running all kinds of linux, BDS, freeRTOS, etc including Ubuntu on the pi and pi zero over the years.
Do you mean repurposing an old r-pi L-band rtl-sdr outernet receiver?
If you mean the dreamcatcher look for a distro which supports the arm version of the Allwinner A13 (ARM Cortex A8) CPU and then figure out what closed drivers and libs; perhaps specially compiled kernel are required to match or extract from the Dreamcatcher image to get another headless(no video out on DC) distro running with the LoRa radio and signal decoding.

There is an armbian image for the dreamcatcher on the archive.

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