s2 prof 7500 tuner not working


I have connection problems
my dvb

s2 prof7500


Hi, do you know how to use Putty and SSH into your Pi?


No, I do not know


Ok, no worries. I’ll rebuild an image with a possible fix.




Please try this image:

  1. delete the zImage file on your SD card
  2. unzip this package
  3. copy the unzipped zImage file to your SD card

If it doesn’t work, go to Settings > Application logs, and use the download button to download the system log and paste it online somewhere (e.g., gist.github.com, pastebin.com).


Does not work
this file for ORxPi
my ORxpi 2


Ah ok, I’ll upload the correct image.




Ok, let’s try this one:




That’s great! Glad to see it’s all working. We’ll include this fix in the next release.